Online Registration

Coming this summer, Online Registration gets a makeover. It’ll be a seamless process to set up Online Registration for administrators and a delight to use for parents or guardians registering their kids.


txConnect makes setting up the Online Registration process a snap. Just head over to Forms Management where you will be able to add specific forms as steps. All you need to do is move the forms from the left column to the right. Easily view forms, move steps up and down or remove them completely.

Student Data editing and Online Registration will be separate components of the administrator’s page. So now when you set the date range for Online Registration, Student Data editing will not be available for parents/guardians. Instead they’ll see be able to register their student. Easy for you; easy for them. txConnect is the way to go.


Parents/guardians will enjoy a simple step-by-step Online Registration process. Simply click the Start Registration button and you’re off. You can move back and forth through the process with the Back and Next buttons. You’ll be at ease knowing you won’t have to start over, as the wizard will clearly display when data has been saved, as it does whenever either of those or the Save for later buttons are clicked. Don’t have time to fill all the forms out at once? No problem. Just save your work and come back at any time. You’ll see a Resume Registration button when you do. Hop right back in.

And you’ll have no problems knowing what needs to be completed as the forms are clearly marked as (Pending) or (Complete). When you’re done, you’ll know it. A message will display letting you know you’re done and you can even print a confirmation.

We know the start of school is a hectic time for everyone, so we’re making it better.